21 de setembro de 2017

Monkey Jhayam Releases New Record on Total Running Time

We're well happy to announce the long-awaited release from Monkey Jhayam with backing band
QG Imperial. Available exclusively at our store for a while, then you'll find in digital shops worldwide.
Jean Marcus AKA Monkey Jhayam has been one of the most active and prolific artists in Brasil for the past few years, with at least three new releases this year only. Equally at home onstage as well as in the studio, the Monk does not stop. Recored in 2015 under precarious conditions, the project found its way to producer Victor Rice, who assumed the rest of production at studios Traquitana and COPAN in 2016,
and mastered by Fernando Sanches at Estúdio El Rocha this year.

We think you'll enjoy the sonic experience, whether or not the Portuguese language is your thing.